Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nobody by Wonder Girls - The new "My Way"

Do you know the "Urban Legend Song" entitled My Way by Frank Sinatra? well that's kinda old, as I watched news last week, a man from Philippines was killed by a group of men just because the victim doesn't know the song Nobody by Wonder Girls - a korean all female singing group.

here's a link for that story:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wolfgang's "Black Christmas" Concert: Dec 10, 2008

Oh hell yeah! after 6 years of absence finally, my fave local rock metal band of 90's WOLFGANG!! my fave songs of Wolfgang are, Atomica, halik ni Hudas, Mata ng Diyos, Cast of Clowns, Darkness fell and a lot more. They've return with upcoming concert the Black Christmas Project in Eastwood City Central Plaza. That's why i've seen a new music video of Wolfgang in Myx and Mtv featuring Rf online, too bad i can't watch these concert due to my work but thanks to Youtube for having you in the world wide web, i hope there's someone who cill record the entire concert in a clear and good quality settings. For ticket inquiry just visit

atomica!! this is atomica!!!


Whew, finally.. after months of absence here in blog, due to my review for the Nursing Licensure Examination this November 29-30 2008. I miss posting some of here, to share with you guys. Today I felt happy and more proud of being FILIPINO, because of TKO win of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. Oscar "the Golden Boy" De la Hoya in Round 9. The Fight was stopped as the round set to begin. Manny Pacquiao is the winner. Official time is 3:00 of the eighth round. The so-called the DREAM MATCH. I guess the next fighter pacman will fight is no other than Ricky "Hitman" Hatton who defeated Malignaggi in their match in Vegas last month. I heard in news that Hatton said to Pacman "See you in England", well that's gonna be one hell of a figth again for Mr. Money Pacman - but why Money instead of Manny? - lol. Pacquiao win or lose is still millionaire here in Philippines, hahaha, i do HOPE! that some politicians here wouldn't ride the fame of Pacman again, it's been a tradition here in Philippines. For more info of the fight visit

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blizzard wins judgement in WoW bot case

Yesterday, Blizzard was awarded a summary judgement against MDY Industries, LLC, makers of the popular grind-bot program, Glider. Drawing on a 1993 ninth circuit decision in the case of MAI Systems Corp. v. Peak Computer, Inc. (where it was decided that a copy of software loaded into RAM constitutes a legal copy for the purposes of copyright), the court agreed with Blizzard's assertion that the Glider program violates copyright by making alterations to the World of Warcraft software after it is loaded.

This is an interesting decision that could have some far-reaching implications in the software world. Imagine, if you will, that Microsoft decided that OpenOffice was cutting in on their productivity software. A little tweak to their EULA for Windows that allows only Windows-approved programs to run on their operating system, and they might have a strong case against anybody they don't like anymore on the grounds of copyright infringement.

To bring it into the gamespace, do you like unapproved mods? A precedent like this might strike a little fear into the heart of some mod developers, as they could become targets by making mediocre games fun again.

I'm not trying to be alarmist here. I think it's pretty safe to say that companies don't want to alienate consumers on a broad scale by throwing down lawsuits against every nickel-and-dime operation out there. That said, they probably could now, and that's scary enough on its own

Eraserheads reunite concert one-night only

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.

According to the STAR source, all the original members (photo) are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy.

Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

So much water, so to speak, has flowed under the bridge since the band broke up years ago.

Ely, who survived a heart attack two years ago, has formed two bands, Mongol (which didn’t last long) and Pupil (still playing).

‘It took one big company to bring the former band members together,’ said the source who is keeping the company’s identity ‘confidential’ for the time being.

Really now, don’t the Eraserheads fans wish that the band would stay together not just for a one-night-only concert but for good...for old time’s sake?— Ricky Lo


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RCBC robbery-massacre;with Police Photos

Tangina naman shet, wala ba kaluluwa gumawa nito? siguro naman ay alam nyo na ang balita na 'to, 10 ang namatay pawang mga empleyado sa nasabing bangko at isang kliyente, talaga bang desperado na ang mga tao ngayon dahil sa hirap ng buhay? kaya nagawa nila ang karumal dumal na krimen, take note halos karamihan sa biktima ay mga binaril sa ulo para talagang masabi na patay agad? pede naman sana di nila patayin, biruin nyo kawawa naman ang mga pamilya na nawian nila sa mundong ito, tsk tsk, napa mura talaga ako lalo pa nakita ko ang mga police photos na sinend sa email ko. Ang latest sa balita mga pawang police ang suspect dahil nakita nila sa logbook sa bangko at iniimbestigahan pa sa ngayon. Dapat ba uli i taas ang parusang kamatayan? para naman matakot ang mga susunod pa na gagawa ng mga ganitong klaseng krimen sa atin bansa, mga di natatakot sa habang buhay na pagkabilanggo eh. tsk tsk.

kung gusto nyo makita ang Police Photos sa RCBC robbery eto ang link:

(WARNING not suitable for minors)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

NBA: Utah Jazz's worst Nightmare

If you're an avid fan of NBA, perhaps you will know Utah Jazz's worst nightmare.. who else, it's Phil Jackson, the coach of L.A LAKERS, recently they beat jazz (4-2) in semi-finals round in NBA 2008 playoffs. Back in 90's where Phil Jackson Coached M. Jordan and the rest of the Chicago bulls they defeated the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals both in 1997 and 1998 with a series of 4-2. I got this pic in RagnaBoard, someone posted it there. Jerry Sloan coach of the Utah Jazz never beat Phil Jackson in a playoff series.